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February 08 2018

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So helpful of her to hold the bed up

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Chalcopyrite, Quartz and Calcite - Baia Sprie, Maramures Co., Romania

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when my computer decides to deny me access because of “admin restrictions”

As someone who works in IT, nothing has ever been a bigger mood than this.


oh boo hoo i’m odysseus and i get to cruise around the sea for years and sleep with a bunch of beautiful goddesses oh woe is me my life is so hard . Grow up odysseus i would pay real money for that to be my life




im a goth girl on the inside. on the outside? a father figure

did you mean: jeb bush

Wow I sure as hell did

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me at work: god working with straight people is so exhausting i need more gays

*management hires another gay*



me as a laywer


me: so you took a shower and then you heard the gun shot

witness: yes

me as a lawyer: isn’t the first cardinal rule of perm maintenance that you’re forbidden to wet your hair for at least 24 hours after getting a perm at the risk of deactivating the immonium thygocolate

witness: i’m bald

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i just discovered the term ‘black knighting’ courtesy of reddit and i want to vomit :) 

i can never believe how much men hate women. it just keeps getting worse and worse

I’ve never heard of that. Is it new? And what is it? I have a bad suspicion… :(

no idea how new it is, as i typically avoid reddit like the plague (but i discovered this term through the link to the gendercritical subreddit) 

“A Black Knight is someone who pisses women off for entertainment.“ as opposed to a White Knight aka someone that stands up for women in order to try and get sex :/

here are some excerpts, courtesy of theredpill

on the subject of a woman walking away from you at night: “I’m just a man who decided to run an errand at night. Next time this happens jog after her. There is no law against jogging. Chase her for a while and then stop. Enjoy the fear you created. Woof woof you stupid cunt.”

on the subject of what they called “biological warfare”: “How do you exploit these two weaknesses? Start baking for the office. See how much butter and sugar you can make the little piggies eat. With sustained effort everyone will be up ten pounds in three to six months.”

“Fructose has various nasty biological effects when consumed in excess.
Main ones we are interested in are raised blood trigs, adiposity and increased appetite (outside of normal insulin fuckery, but related).“

“Try replacing the fructose with a sugar alcohol like sorbitol. For a portion of the population, it causes “gastric distress” - diarrhea and gas, mostly.”

another story that im gonna paraphrase: guy didnt like his female boss, she was stressed over a project, someone “accidentally” sent flowers to the wrong desk- to HER boss- with a note saying “the interview went great and we look forward to working with you next month!” to make it look like she was secretly searching for another job. she got fired within the week.

using the womans bathroom at starbucks, which one man described as “empowering in a red pill way” because of course most women are going to look confused if not upset… clearly beyond the red piller to imagine reasons a man might enter a womans restroom besides to go to the bathroom

some things fairly innocuous like leaving empty condom wrappers in womens restrooms and stuff…. to intentionally trying to intimidate women, getting a woman fired, etc. men harassing women in various ways, “for teh lulz” i guess. 

We could never hate men as much as they hate us.

Andrea Dworkin recommended for the women of the 21st century to harden our hearts and learn to kill. Perhaps she was right.

women who hate men want to distance ourselves from men, have our own communities, when women hate men, we want to get away from men. When men hate women they do the exact opposite, they invade our spaces, harass us, intimidate us, stalk us, are violent against us. It doesn’t matter how much women hate men, we don’t hate men the way they hate us.

^^^ the last comment is so important

That last comment really hit the nail on the head, I was just trying to articulate that exact thought earlier today.





men in greek mythology? scoundrels. just terrible. woeful social skills. murderers. kidnappers. violent misogynists. most of them… never described as handsome so we have to assume they were ugly. 

narcissus? unproblematic. beacon of transformative self love. king of the swerve. gay icon. couldn’t recognize his reflection but neither can my dog, we aren’t holding that against him.

Narcissus wrote this

I refuse to believe Narcissus could read.

i’ve been thinking about this response for the better part of 2 hours and it hasn’t gotten less hysterically funny to me

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ah yes, a normal, absolutely unremarkable mareep. my favorite pokemon



Asian wlw and mlm are amazing and deserve everything good in the world

hi I made this post bc I have never seen a post supporting Asian lgbt folks and know a fence but supporting your local gays means supporting us too, especially when we aren’t as visible as others.

I’ve grown up living in a predominantly straight white world and consumed mostly western media all my life and idk bout you but there’s not a lot of us out there in the media or the entire entertainment industry actually. Asians in western media is already cutting it fine. Asian lgbt folks in the media? there’s like 3 people I can think of off the top of my head.

anyway I’m getting carried away here so. All I’m asking is for u to pls reblog this. give love to ur local Asian gay bc we don’t get enough


my neck, my back

they hurt, they are Sore

well that just mackles my more

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